Significant Childbirth Trauma for First Time Mother

The areas of pregnancy, labour, and childbirth raise interesting questions about the information and advice provided to pregnant mothers in order to allow them to make decisions and choices. The pendulum has swung from natural childbirth to medical intervention (specifically caesarean section) and back again. Split-second decisions regarding the method of delivery are often accompanied READ IN FULL

Complaints on the rise – The HCCC annual report

The Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) New South Wales is an independent body, established under the Health Care Complaints Act. The Commission functions as a means of receiving and assessing complaints relating to health service practitioners in NSW, and assisting or resolving these complaints. The HCCC also has the power to investigate and prosecute serious READ IN FULL

Case: KING v PHILCOX [2015] HCA 19 – Mental Harm or Shock from witnessing an accident?

Have you suffered mental harm / nervous shock as a result of witnessing an accident? Or are you suffering from a psychological condition, such as Depression or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as a consequence of a family member’s death or injury which resulted from another person’s negligence? The case below outlines who can claim for READ IN FULL

A Brief Outline of Negligence Law

The concept of a crime is relatively easy to understand but what is negligence? Negligence as a concept has been around since humans first began living in community. That some of us can be thoughtless, neglectful or careless from time to time really goes without saying! In Ancient Rome, the word neglere was used to READ IN FULL

The Surgical Mortality Reality: 1 in 10 Deaths from Treatment or Care

When we agree to undergo surgery at a public or private hospital, we of course hope for a good outcome. Ideally, the surgery will go well and we will come out feeling much better than when we went in. Yet in reality the very opposite can occur. It is no secret that people can and READ IN FULL