Considerations for Making a Motor Claim

Following a motor incident, it can certainly take some time to re-group and make a plan. At first you might simply want to let the shock of the event pass. Yet it is important not to wait too long before taking action. If you were injured and the incident in question was not your fault, you may be entitled to submit a motor vehicle accident claim.

Timing is crucial

In circumstances where you have sustained a vehicle-related injury and wish to lodge a claim, this needs to be submitted within six months of the date of the event. There are also strict timeframes around making a report to police and commencing court proceedings. It is important that you understand these requirements and the timeframes involved. And it helps to ensure that you have gathered and included all material that are relevant to your motor insurance claim. If it is challenging to meet in person, a pro-active professional should be able to walk through the basics over the phone with you. So, even if you have a car accident lawyer in Sydney and you’re in the bush, he or she should be able to put your mind at ease across any distance!

Who is eligible to claim?

It is not just the driver or passenger of a car who might be eligible to submit a claim. Roads can be hazardous places: if you were injured without fault when you were out and about as a pedestrian, cyclist or motor cyclist, then eligibility can arise here as well. Competent motor vehicle accident solicitors generally understand the issues surrounding fault, and in series cases, forensic accident investigators might also be called on to analyse any evidence of the event to help determine issues of fault.

Compensation and costs

There are a number of compensation types that can flow from a successful motor insurance claim. The law recognises that when a person is harmed through no fault of their own, pathways should exist to help rectify the situation as far as possible. Depending upon the nature and extent of your injuries, compensation may be available for any loss of income, financial support or superannuation entitlements. Costs related to care received and medical expenses are also common entitlements. Further, if your injury is sufficiently serious, compensation is payable in relation to your pain and suffering.

Care and attention

As noted above, the days following a car-related incident can be quite distressing. You might well just need to get your bearings for a short while!

And it is of course important to concentrate on getting rest, any appropriate medical help and even calling in favours for any help that you might need. Yet it can unfortunately add to your stress if, further down the track you realise that you have missed a date or a vital detail needed for a successful injury-related action. You can avoid this by staying on top of the details, and being aware that a timeframe for action needs to be in place.

You should also get sound legal advice from an experienced insurance lawyer in Sydney. If you’re currently thinking about submitting a claim, get in touch with Edwards Michael Powell Lawyers today.