Insurance & Commercial

Edwards Michael Powell Lawyers offers a full service in the areas of Workplace Claims, Common Law claims, and Recoveries involving litigated and non-litigated matters. We have particular expertise in relation to the area of commercial recoveries.

We can assist you to develop a claims strategy for any matter, assist with negotiation, other forms of ADR, general advice and claims management, collate appropriate evidence (factual, lay or expert) and handle litigated claims at any stage of the process.

We offer five Senior and highly experienced practitioners, two of whom have experience as practising barristers and two of whom are Accredited Specialists in Personal Injury Law. Our practitioners are supported by a stable and dedicated team of highly trained support personnel, many of whom have served the firm for well over 10 years.

Our state of the art Open Practice Workflow software completely integrates our case management, time recording, billing and documents production in a single working environment. The Workflow module is an intelligent electronic checklist that reminds us of deadlines, knows which documents to produce in sequence, and notifies the person responsible of the status of the file.