Litigation Lawyer Sydney

Our specialised insurance lawyers have extensive experience advising in relation to policy construction and interpretation, acting in relation to indemnity disputes, and providing a full range of litigation support and representation in relation to disputed claims.

Our experience across several lines of insurance means that we are able to provide the highest level of expertise and representation in relation to all aspects of our insurance operations.

We offer cutting-edge Workflow software which ensures Key Dates and Tasks are always actioned and we are able to guarantee our clients’ service standards and expectations are exceeded.

Areas of Expertise

  • Commercial recoveries
  • General Insurance
  • Motor vehicle law
  • Occupiers’ liability
  • Products Liability
  • Workplace disputes

Our Approach

We place the highest priority on loss minimisation through effective mitigation strategies, including dual insurance and third party recoveries.

Our policy for litigated claims is to devise and implement strategies to narrow the issues and embrace an alternative dispute resolution culture, to ensure a timely and cost-effective resolution of claims.


Our Insurance Service Charter

  • Your claim will be allocated to an expert practitioner and acknowledgement of instructions will be sent on the same day instructions are received.
  • You will receive initial advice and recommendations within ten (10) working days.
  • All advices will be provided in Plain English.
  • Advices will include a full summary of the claim and issues, and advice in relation to indemnity, liability, quantum, grounds for recovery, strategy for early resolution and recommendations.
  • Phone calls and emails will be returned within 24 hours
  • All developments will be reported within five (5) working days
  • As soon as practicable (upon provision of relevant evidence and particulars, etc) consideration will be given to alternative dispute resolution by means of Informal Settlement Conference, Offers of Compromise, Mediation etc.
  • Updated advice and recommendations will be provided at least ten (10) working days prior to Mediation, Conference, hearing, etc.
  • Files will be promptly closed following resolution (maximum 30 days).