Professional Negligence

When you engage a Professional such as a lawyer, financial adviser, architect, engineer or accountant to perform work for you, you expect them to deliver their services with competence.

If you suffer loss or damage as a result of that Professional failing to act in a competent way, you may be eligible to make a Professional Negligence Claim.

What compensation can I claim?

Claims can be made for financial losses arising out of such things as the incompetent provision of legal services, advice in relation to investments or taxation and design services.

When can I claim?

Claims must be bought within 6 years and there are generally no extensions of time available.

What do I have to do to commence a claim?

Contact us to make an appointment or discuss your matter on the telephone. There will be no charge for this initial consultation.

Who pays the claim?

The Professional Indemnity Insurer of the person or company against whom the claim is made.

What costs do I have to pay?

We will meet the costs associated with the running of your claim such as fees associated with obtaining expert opinions.

The Insurer has to pay some but not all of your legal costs in addition to paying you compensation for your other financial losses.