Serious Crash Investigations: How Evidence is Gathered

When a serious motor vehicle accident occurs, one of the key questions on the minds of those involved and authorities alike will be “what just happened here”? As well as being bewildered and in many cases hurt in the immediate aftermath, there is also a strong need to make sense of the vital few moments READ IN FULL

Motoring Accidents: By the Numbers

It’s quite astounding how many Australians find themselves involved in car accidents. Putting fault to one side, you just have to watch the prime time traffic helicopter to know that car accidents ranging from bingles to write-offs are a constant upon our roads. From the sky, the scene of the accident might seem insignificant. But READ IN FULL

Considerations for Making a Motor Claim

Following a motor incident, it can certainly take some time to re-group and make a plan. At first you might simply want to let the shock of the event pass. Yet it is important not to wait too long before taking action. If you were injured and the incident in question was not your fault, READ IN FULL